Insurance for International Students and Travelers Starting at $29 a Month - Long & Short Term
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Your Customer Service Team at Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc. can be reached at 800-452-5772.

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Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc., We are ready to assist you in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.  Working on behalf of students and international travelers since 1971, not the insurance company, our customers find our personalized services a great way to assist them in selecting an insurance plan to meet their budget and needs.  We are also a great way to bridge communication between our customers, students, sponsors, the insurance company and your healthcare provider, while you are insured and at claim time.

Please click the insurance plan comparison below to view and enroll in our international student insurance plans .  All plans on the comparison are available to both inbound students traveling to and from the United States. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (800) 452-5772.

Are you looking for a group quote? Please contact us for a customized group quote at or call (800) 452-5772 and we’ll work with you in providing the benefits you need for an affordable price.

Students & OPT Please click the image below to compare insurance for international students (PDF). Buttons to obtain quotes and to enroll appear on the plan comparison.

NOTE: O.P.T. (Optional Practical Training) for Students on a J1 or F1 visa, (Students on a M-1 visa or any other category, must be affiliated with an accredited educational institution and performing work or research of at least 30 hrs. per week.)




Not A Student?

The following plans are not shown on the comparison above, but these plans will be of interest to you if you are not a student, and traveling outside your home country.

International Travel Insurance (Longer terms) – Insure your Health Inbound and Outbound from us  (Click Here)

Short – Term Vacation Insurance – Emergency accident and health coverage and trip cancellation protection (Click Here)

Dental Vision Insurance (Coverage in the United States) to individuals under age 65 (Click Here)

NOTE: When you enroll in any of the health insurance programs, you may elect to receive your I.D. card and plan documents by email immediately or by U.S. mail. When you enroll in the Dental or Vision program, ID cards and plan documents are sent to you by U.S. mail for receipt within 10 business days.

NOTE: Coverage can be effective as soon as the following day for all of these insurance plans.